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day camp 2015

Our family day camp started yesterday. We had 21 kids—26 if you count the babies and toddlers who came along—and it was a little overwhelming.

many backpacks lined up along the edge of the porch

lots of stuff for lots of kids

Despite a little blood, a few tears, and a lot of asking about when we were going to eat next, I think everyone had a fine enough time. I expect most of them will be back again, so we'd better start planning for what we're going to have them do next!

There were lots of similarities between this year and last year. The main difference, besides having about three times more campers, was in Harvey and Zion's energy level afterwards. Instead of taking a mid-afternoon nap the boys powered through three more hours of playing with the next-door neighbors, and then we finished the day by biking up to the library after supper and hanging out there until 8:00.

Harvey and Agricola in the kids room at the library

board gaming at the library

I guess those boys are growing up!

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