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camping 2015: on the road

We went camping. With the big car everything fit in wonderfully, and with the big kids the drive up was a (relative) snap! Here you can see the boys singing along with the Frozen soundtrack.

Zion and Harvey comfy among camp supplies in the back seat, singing

"we're going camping now, we're on our way..."

We got off to a much better start than last year when we didn't hit the neighbor's car backing out of the driveway, but our departure was still a little frantic and I forgot the folding chairs, the gallons of water, and any recorded music beyond the Frozen soundtrack. But we were on the road before 10:00, and as Lijah napped we made good time all the way up to our first stop, at the Maine Roasters coffee shop off 295 in Yarmouth. We recommend it: there are toys for the kids and coffee, air conditioning, and wifi for the grownups. We stayed half an hour.

Back in the car we soon left the freeway to take to the single lane of US Route 1. That's how we always go, and we love it... but I'm not going to suggest anyone else follow our example, because of all the horror stories I've heard from friends and strangers alike. We seem to do fine; this time we just hit about five minutes of backup getting into Wiscasset.

traffic on Rt 1 entering Wiscasset

slight delay

The rest was smooth sailing, and we sailed right on up to the beach in Lincolnville, totally worth any potential traffic delays.

the beach at Lincolnville

one of the many rewards

We hung out there for about an hour playing in the water and collecting shells.

Zion in his life jacket by the water


Lijah on the beach


Leah swimming in the ocean


The whole way up we could see towering clouds on the horizon all around us, but the sky never darkened over our heads.

tall clouds over the road ahead

definitely tall, possibly threatening

We rolled into the campground at 5:00, just seven-and-a-quarter hours after we left home (with two stops of an hour and a half total—Rt 1 works for us!). We did get a scare when one storm got close enough for us to hear thunder as we set up the tent; just the thing to keep us from lingering over the work. In the event no rain fell, and we sat down to enjoy a lovely dinner of skillet lasagna prepared by Becca and Andrew—well, me and the bigger boys sat down; Leah and Lijah were already in bed. Camping travel is tiring!


next year Harvey can be in charge of music and chairs.

We'll be trying Rt 1 again! The common denominator in our terrible drives was not the route but the vehicle. And Rt 1 has beautiful places to break down.

I should have let Harvey be in charge of chairs this year! He asked about them, and I told him we couldn't pack them yet because we'd want to get them out of the car first. I should have brought them up out of the basement then! So yes, he gets the job.

Katie, I'm glad to hear another positive Rt 1 voice, and I enjoyed hanging out with you guys a little extra in such a pleasant spot right off the road—especially since you got home safely, if a little later than expected!

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