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studied uncertainty

Lijah is keeping us from sleeping much, and from doing much during the day besides entertaining him. I'm telling myself it's a phase; Leah thinks it's just the end of the world. But he is still cute, and his language development offers some small compensations. For example, last night—when he was wide awake well after the big boys were in bed—I was distracting him in conversation while Leah got some precious alone time. He was playing with the doll stroller, and I asked him where his baby was.

He answered, "uhhh..."

Now that I think about it, I shouldn't have started trying to tell this story in a text medium, because those letters can't do justice the adorable maturity and relevance of his utterance, the perfectly-tuned sound of a child who wants to convey the appearance of careful thought—it's his toy we're looking for, after all—while avoiding any effort at all, physical or even mental. He's clearly paying attention to his big brothers' example.

I have no clever wrap-up for this post, except to say that I'm with you, Lijah. "uhhh..."

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