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Harvey and Zion by Walden Pond under a stormy sky

late-winter pond

It's been warm the past couple days, but it wasn't so warm Monday when we took a short outing to Walden Pond. In fact, with the clouds and breeze and the damp chill it was downright brisk—perfect, to let us have the whole place just about to ourselves!

Lijah sitting on a tree branch, watching Harvey wade in the water

dare to dip

Of course, since the pond is our favorite swimming hole it would have been too much to expect the boys to see the water without trying to experience it more directly. It's a sign of how cold we all felt that Zion only got one shoe off—that, and a single toe in, was enough to convince him to wait at least a couple weeks before swimming. Harvey was a little braver, but even he only lasted a minute or two up to his ankles. Of course, then he kept his shoes off for the next half hour; he's made of sterner stuff than the rest of us (at least when it comes to temperature).

And we couldn't visit the pond without stopping by Henry's house, where the boys picked up their games from last summer with barely a hitch.

the boys playing in the Thoreau house; Harvey sweeping

why doesn't he do that at home?!

Of course Lijah's considerably more aware now than he was then, which he showed by giving Thoreau's statue a high five.

It took some doing with the automated payment machine, but we did manage to pay our $60 dollars for the year's pass, so you can expect to see a lot more lovely pond pictures over the next several months. Some of them without winter coats, even!

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