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rainy day

It rained all day, and our farm-school coop was cancelled due to illness. Which is just as well, because we had a more-terrible-than-usual night here and were ready for a quiet day at home. The boys, that is; Leah was ready for a quiet day (or afternoon, at least) at work. And we all got what we needed, for a very pleasant day—I was so impressed with how well the boys entertained themselves all day. Of course we did a little school, but not too much: they were just too busy. There was some reading:

Harvey reading at the breakfast table

catching up with the smurves

Lots of imaginative play:

Zion and Lijah in the costume trunk playing with the dollhouse

makes sense to them

And eventually, of course, some outside time:

Zion jumping in a puddle


The only crying the whole day came when I refused to instantly repair a broken plastic toy for Lijah, which ended his universe for 15 minutes until he threw down the broken fragments in his rage and when he wasn't looking I hid them and then he forgot what he was upset about and got involved in something else. That's parenting!

But really, the day went far better than I have any right to deserve, and I can take no credit for it myself. The kids are alright.

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