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Harry Potter v6.0

So the new Harry Potter book came out on Friday, yeah? It's just about a given that we had to buy it--when a couple weeks ago we heard it was coming out, Leah said, 'oh well, there goes another twenty-five dollars.' See, because we have to complete the set! Plus, you kind of want to know how the story comes out, and it's just impossible to get the book from the library or anything: the waiting list is over a hundred people, if I heard correctly. Of course, it'd be easy to wait a couple days and then just borrow someone else's copy; as far as I can tell, everyone who cares has already read the thing, except for Leah, and she has a good excuse: she's waiting until after the GMAT.

And yes, I care enough to have both purchased and finished reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I was going to wait a while, pick it up on discount somewhere, but then I saw it in the supermarket--the supermarket!!--for only $19.99, and I just couldn't resist. Even after I asked Leah to check and she told me it was even cheaper on Amazon. There were already all these spoilers all over the internet! I had to read the thing soon, or it wouldn't even have been worth bothering. So I bought it yesterday afternoon, and I finished reading it last night.

Is it good? Well, yeah, as far as Harry Potter books generally go. Maybe one of the better ones: not as good as book five, but sure better than two and three. For my instant review, with spoilers, look here. I wrote that on a webboard; I'm not even going to bother to copy it all out here.

Now the only problem is not giving away the whole thing to Leah before she gets a chance to read it. It's not long now, though; the test is tomorrow at 1:00. She's studying her idiom flash cards now.

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