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narrow horizons

Besides letting the hens out in the morning and shutting them up at dark, I don't think I left the house today. Lijah did me one better by not even setting foot on the porch. But we still had a pretty good day!

Monday and Tuesday are our heaviest homeschool days (heaviness being relative, but you know) so we're already predisposed to sticking around the house, and with rain falling steadily and the car away with Mama at work, it was even less likely that we'd get out. I did have hopes of taking a trip to the play space (for jumping), the store (so we could make food for our friends coming over in the evening) and the library (as always, the overdue books), but when Harvey and Zion were invited over to our neighbors' house over after lunch we lost our one relatively dry opportunity. Given that with winter coming up we're probably facing lots more indoor days, I thought I should examine what we did to capture how we survived so well... but I'm not sure I have any answers.

It does help that all three boys have plenty of indoor interests that can captivate them even when the weather's fine. And I had some school things for them to do too—and so did Grandma when she visited in the morning. School and books took all morning, then we had lunch, then I played pirates and Legos with Lijah while the big boys enjoyed some time away from me across the street. Lijah's nap time was devoted to discovering—and inventing—how I could make dinner for seven adults and six kids from the ingredients we had in the house. Then all those folks came over and brought all the life and energy of the outside world here. I don't think any of us felt confined at any time today.

Although, I didn't get a lot of exercise, so I'm not sure how well I'll be able to sleep tonight. I guess a good first step would be going to bed...

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