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If only you could literally work your butt off at work.

Despite our quick bout of suicidal tendencies earlier in the week, the Squibix family has been pretty bright and cheery lately. Part of the sudden burst of crooning is probobly due to our honeymoon plans finally being... finalized. I'm excited to visit the Vinyard for the first time, and also to TAKE A F-ING VACATION FROM WORK OMG I ONLY GOT ONE DAY OFF AT CHRISTMAS AND I'M READY TO KILL MYSELF!!! Woops, i promised no suicidal thoughts in the entry... sorry. Only about 3 weeks until i start my vacation and Oona comes to visit and we can do fun things together like shop and get our nails done and shop. And lie down, lie down for a long long time. Did i mention i needed a vacation?

This morning i woke up at 119. (lbs, for you losers who have never met me and have no idea what i'm obsessed with.) After running and drinking water and showering it was back at 121, but bygones! Only 9 more early-morning lbs to go and i'll be as thin as i was in high school. It took me about 4 months of annorexia at the time, but i think now with weight training i could speed up the process a little bit. OMG i'm kidding!!! I do eat food; mom stop choking on your smoothie!

(My new favorite blog, Stacy Nightmare, says OMG a lot, and i think it is totally snorting through my nose hilarious. But she is a commedienne whereas i am not whereas if you are annoyed because OMG is not funny, i get it, i'll stop.)

If you read this blog, and if you are my friend, and if you come to my wedding, and if you do NOT comment on how beautifully thin i look, you deserve to be cursed with cellulite.

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