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sticking close to home

Unlike our friends Jo and Eugene, we are not international travelers. Not only do we never leave the country, we hardly ever pass beyond the boundaries of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Heck, some months we never leave Middlesex County! And of course there are many days spent entirely in our own yard and neighborhood. But that's ok, because there's lots to do around here. Like making smores after a picnic dinner.

my smore, and Zion and Harvey's

a fine end to the evening

To be honest, we've had a pretty slow couple weeks, adventure-wise. I haven't taken any pictures yet this week (except of the foxes, who are always around). Instead we've been working and playing around here—planting plants when it's not raining, doing math, refining our home-made board game. And of course eating outside whenever we can. And it's keeping us satisfied, especially when there's rhubarb pie for me and marshmallows for the kids. That's all you need, right?

Lijah looking at a strand of melted marshmallow sticking to his hand


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