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Lijah's hat

You may have noticed in yesterday's post that Lijah wore a fleece winter hat to the 4th of July entertainment. I guess he wanted to top Monday, when he wore long pants—also fleece—and a long-sleeved shirt for our hike in the blazing sun. Well, at least we didn't have to worry about sunburn.

Lijah smiling in his fleece hat

hot but cheerful

Who knows why he does the things he does. All we know is that he's determined. Always determined, in all things: he now finishes every sentence with a grumpy pout. I should try to take a picture. Some times we do need to try and convince him to change his mind—like when he wants nothing more than to break his brother's toys—but his need to wear winter clothes is more or less ok with us. Sure, we try and suggest more seasonably-appropriate attire, and we make sure to bring a sensible change of clothes on all our outings in case he relents. So far he hasn't, really, even when prostrated by heat. I carried him for a while on Monday's hike, since he couldn't really move he was so overheated. I figure he knows his own mind, and there are few enough areas where he really has control of his life, so this isn't the worst thing. Plus the hat is super cute!

Lijah, in long pants and long sleeves, walking on a road through a marsh

on a lonely road

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