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our backyard campfire

the fire in our backyard

homemade heat

On Saturday we built a fireplace—fire ring?—in the backyard. Basically I dug out a circle of grass and then we put some stones around it. We made a fire right away to test it out, which was a little hard to see. It worked better in the evening.

marshmallows over the fire in the dark

hard to see the marshmallows cooking

I'd been thinking about having a more fun place to have fires for a while, but I was waiting for it to get cool enough to make it worthwhile. It wasn't over the weekend, but I went ahead and did it anyway. You can enjoy marshmallows regardless of the temperature.

Besides it being plain nice to have a place to sit around the fire, I'm interested in increasing the appeal of our yard to the kids. Can their own fire compete with video games at the neighbors' house? The jury is still out, but now that they're learning how to build the fire and light matches themselves the attractiveness is growing. I wonder what will happen when they have their own kettle to cook in? Clearly this is an ongoing story... cold weather has come in earnest now, so we'll see what the next chapter brings.

Zion and Harvey sitting by the fire

relaxing after a game of ball tag

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