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the boys on the snowy ice exploring an island

wide open spaces

Life changes from time to time. Like when Lijah was born, and all of a sudden our house—and, to be honest, our life generally—was a disastrous mess. Now we have three pretty big kids, and they can play by themselves more then any before... but they also need intellectual and physical stimulation over more extended periods. There's no more naps, needless to say.

At the same time, our parenting schedule is changing too. Leah has shifted to working full-time, and beginning this week I've reduced my hours working at the church. We hope that will give the kids more consistency in their schedule, and let us parents spend more time doing what feels more productive to each of us. With four weekdays home with the boys, I'm looking forward to getting into a little more of a rhythm. One thing I've noticed already is that, when I'm home more, I'm readier to plan fun outings. Our version of fun, anyway: so far this week we've gone hiking in a dog park near Costco and visited the library in Lexington.

Does more time at home mean more writing time for me? So far, not at all. But I have high hopes for the coming months!

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