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Last year as part of our solstice celebrations we made wreaths, and I was pretty happy with how they came out. This year I thought I'd get a start on the process a little earlier, so we could be thinking about Advent too. And decorating the house for December is always nice too.

a hemlock wreath with red ribbon hanging by our front door

ever green

Our friends joined us for the making, which we did out in the yard under a beautiful sunny sky. All it took was hemlock and holly from our trees, some wire—more wire than you would have thought, but still not that much in the grand scheme of things—and some ribbon. The ribbon was the problem: we had to get some more from CVS, and while biking there was delightful their prices were less so. $1/yard is a bit steep for 3/8 inch polyester ribbon if you ask me. Still, I'm pleased enough with how all the wreaths came out, and spending four dollars on a 16-inch wreath is actually pretty reasonable in the grand scheme of things. Plus we had fun!

Lijah smiling with his wreath around his neck


Of course, we didn't manage to make the Advent/solstice wreath, the one to hold candles. And Lijah didn't finish the one he was making. He got too cold. More work tomorrow!

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