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oh, Christmas tree...

We got our Christmas tree today. It's a good thing; I'm still amazed it's December already, so I've done basically nothing at all to get ready for Christmas. Having the tree up will hopefully remind me a little bit. We had a great time picking it out, and feeding the animals on the farm, but we did run into a little bit of trouble when it came to putting it up. See, we couldn't find our tree stand anywhere, not even after multiple searches through what felt like all parts of the house (and yard, and shed...). My mom stopped by to drop something off and told us she had an extra, so we went to pick it up... only to find when we got it home that it was too small and weak to support our beautiful tree. Trying to make it work took a good half hour before we gave up and headed out to the hardware store for a new model. Feels bad, but at least the tree is now up, decorated, and delightful!

our Christmas tree

how lovely are thy branches

Now we'll get to work making some presents.


It is beautiful! I'm sorry you drove all this way for a stand that didn't work.

Thanks! And no worries... it was worth a try. Thanks for offering it!

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