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farewell, apples

As a follow-up to what I had to say about storage apples last month... After a successful pie for January 1, I thought I'd try one for the beginning of February. No such luck. When I checked this morning four of the apples were still in fair shape, but the other two were half rotted—not horrifying by any means, but not in any shape to use. Oh well. The hens have been stuck inside their coop for a while because of the snow, so I figured they would appreciate the fruit, however imperfect. I made oatmeal raisin cookies instead. Seven months til the next apple harvest.


The first apple on our farm is about to be ripe— it's a small one, but still pretty exciting. It's too warm for most apples so it's exciting to have one tree that can/will bear (hopefully)... And surprising that it started to bear before, say, the pomegranate trees...

So exciting! I remember with the first few, I wasn't even sure if we should eat them—they felt that precious!

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