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happy tomatoes

It's been a bit of a tough spring for gardening, in that we haven't had three consecutive dry days since March 26-28 (literally). But work is proceeding well nevertheless, since the boys are now old enough that I can ignore them for hours on end in order to pursue landscaping projects. Plus they and their friends helped start lots of seeds way back in the beginning of March, so there's no shortage of plants to put in once I make beds for them. Now of course, two plus months in cell packs or three-inch peat pots isn't the best growing environment, and the tomatoes especially were showing some signs of stress as we headed into the second week of May. The first dozen of them are now in the ground, and I'm happy to report that they they're much happier after just a couple days in our well-composted soil.

a small tomato plant mulched with marsh hay

working on growing

Tomatoes are very gratifying actually. The seeds stay good for years and always germinate well, they do their best to grow in whatever container you give them, and then once you do plant them out they take off so fast I wish I had a time-lapse video of their growth. New leaves are already springing out, and with the benefit of compost and the pinch of fertilizer in each hole they're noticeably darker green by the day. I have high hopes for them... how long til we're eating our first tomato sandwich?

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