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box building

We sometimes get to play with cardboard boxes here at our house, and the boys have made some pretty cool—if short-lived—creations out of a single big box that we let hang out in the living room for a little while. But that's nothing like having a whole lawn worth of cardboard to work with!

carboard boxes on a lawn

other peoples' cardboard

Some friends from our homeschool coop invited us to do some cardboard construction with them (well, they invited the whole coop, but we're the only ones who could make it; we're good at cooperating) and they had saved up lots of boxes ahead of the event. All five kids had good ideas for things to do on their own with the bounty: a tent, a boat, an aquarium, a swing... My idea was to make a house, and I both proud and ashamed to say that I quickly attracted all three of my boys to be part of the work on the multi-room structure pictured above. It was pretty cool. I was sad I couldn't fit in it.

Zion and Lijah inside a cardboard box house

plenty of room for the kids

Of course, it wasn't all building. It was such a beautiful day that the kids also needed a chance for some play that was a little more active. Luckily cardboard boxes can fulfill that need as well!

Zion in a box being pulled down a hill by other kids

alternate option

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