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farewell market

Yesterday was the last farmers market of the year in Lexington. We love the market, our source for veggies, fruit, meat, and chocolate croissants—we only missed two market Tuesdays since it kicked off for the year back in May. Although, as I said to one of the farmers yesterday, I'm also kind of looking forward to having our Tuesday afternoons back! We maybe could have done the shopping in just a couple minutes each week, but if feels like such an event that we rarely got out of there in less than an hour. And whenever we could we biked there; it's about five miles away, so nearly an hour round trip.

As the market comes to a close every year I always wish I could do more to stock up on produce. But truth be told I'm not even very good at storing and organizing the food we get from week to week, so if we did get something like 40lbs of potatoes they'd be sure to rot or be eaten by mice within a month. A root cellar, and the knowledge and attention to use it well, is a project for the future. Thank goodness there's the special Thanksgiving market coming up in a month, and then the bimonthly winter market...

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