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lost and found

At bedtime today Zion realized he was missing his baby tiger stuffed animal. He thought it was in his sweatshirt pocket; when he found his sweatshirt (which took quite a while) it wasn't there. The last time he remembered seeing it was this afternoon when he brought it on our trip to the library and playground. So never mind that it was dark and wet, and that my bike had a flat tire that needed pumping up before I could get anywhere, I headed out to try and find Tigey. At the playground I despaired at finding a four-inch-long orange blob amongst all the wet leaves (tigers' camouflage really works!) but still looked around with a flashlight for a while, without any success. Then I looked in the library; at the lost-and-found there I did pick up a couple of hats that had come from our house some time in the last month—we had no idea they were missing—but no Tigey. So I went home. Putting my bike away I noticed that Zion had never brought his raincoat inside like I had asked, so I picked it up and right away noticed a squishy lump in the pocket.

What did he say when I brought him his beloved animal? "Oh yeah! I remember that it wouldn't fit in my sweatshirt pocket!" This is parenting. At least we have those hats back!


what a good dad!

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