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where are the cards of yesteryear

I love Christmas cards. I love getting them, and in the past I loved making them and sending them out. Or at least I loved having made them and sent them out; the process itself, though often enjoyably creative, was always stressful. And eventually it was just too much. For the last couple years, we haven't managed it at all, and it doesn't look like we will this year either. Which feels sad, and not only because, with us failing to reciprocate, the flow of incoming cards has slowed to a trickle. I'm kind of hoping to get a very simple design made and sent out to a select few before New Years, if not by Christmas itself, but even that might not happen; there's a lot I'm hoping to do in that time span! All that is to say: if you're someone who considers us a friend, know I that I sincerely wish you could get a card from us. And I'd love to get one from you! Maybe it'll inspire me for Christmas 2020...

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