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traveling by foot

The weather today featured what forecasters were calling a "wintery mix", so the boys asked if our trip to the library this morning could be not by bicycle. A reasonable request: the sidewalks can be pretty deadly in our neighborhood in regular snow, never mind an alternating mix of snow and tiny balls of ice. They asked if we could drive, but I didn't feel that would be in any way preferable. So we walked.

the boys walking along the sidewalk in the snow

on the march

It was actually lovely. On the way up, the precipitation was mostly snow and there weren't many cars on the streets—"walking in a winter wonderland" indeed. Then coming home it was wetter, but also downhill. Even Lijah is a pretty good walker now, though he does complain some and drags terribly when I'm holding his hand. And it's lot more exercise than being on the bikes, where we barely even have to pedal coming home. So totally worth it. But man is walking slow! It takes us maybe 12 minutes to bike to the library, and well under 10 coming home. Walking was 45 minutes each way. Good thing we don't have anything else to do!

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