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I took a vacation day today. From work—but that's not so special, because I only work like one day a week. No, I also took a day off from the kids! It's not that I don't like spending time with them—I actually love it—but sharing the house with them does limit what I get to do. So how did I enjoy the day? I did some woodworking, I wrapped some presents, and I went shopping. Thrilling! Also I watched some of the 2017 America's Cup semifinal matches on YouTube. But the best part of the day was the food. The boys like having breakfast at Grandma's so I had two meals to myself, and not only did I appreciate the silence I also got to prepare some things I wouldn't have had they been around: mushroom omelette for breakfast and salmon salad sandwich for lunch. The salmon salad was especially good. Why could I only have it in their absence? Because there was only enough for me! And now I get to look forward to a delightful vacation day with my family tomorrow, sharing food.

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