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no money, just a few problems

I wanted to go to the grocery store this morning. That was the plan, and it was a good plan, except for one thing: a little before we left I realized that I have no money to buy groceries, and no gas in the car, and no money to buy gas. So maybe a bad plan after all. The reason I don't have any money is that my wallet was stolen back on December 27, by a five-year-old. Of course, I didn't realize right away that it had been taken; I assumed I just misplaced it somewhere around the house. After a day or two I started to get nervous when I couldn't find it, then just when my nervousness started to reach a point where I was maybe thinking of doing something about it, I got a text with the following message:

Hey, I just got a call from my mom that she found your wallet at her house where [the child in question] was playing. I can almost guarantee she took it and put it in her pocket. I will be talking to her and letting her know she’s in big trouble.

Well, that answers that! So then I wasn't worried at all. But it turns out that I do need access to money from time to time—maybe less than some other people, but still at least once a week. And then I keep being surprised by the lack. Like, I could have gotten some cash from Leah this morning if I had thought about it. Now we're all set for shopping tomorrow. And I should have my wallet back by Friday at the latest. All in all, I think the story is easily worth a week without a debit card!

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