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voting day

I am so mad that events of the last four years have forced me, at just the first opportunity, to go back on my vow of November 2016 to never vote for a white man for president ever again. Oh, how optimistic I was on that fateful morning of 11-7-16! Now not only will I be voting for Joe Biden, I'll be doing it with a huge amount of enthusiasm—not for him as a candidate, maybe, but to repudiate all the hatefulness we've seen in the Trump era and move us back towards a world where I can have the opportunity to vote for a woman or person of color under retirement age. Just about everybody I know has already cast their ballot in this election, long since—Leah mailed hers in like a month ago—but I wanted to actually do it in person. Feels more real that way. More violent, even. Sure, Bedford turned red on the Covid map last week, but all those new cases were high school kids; we vote in the middle school, so it should be totally safe. Here goes nothing!

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