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our reading this week

Honestly, one of the hardest things about the pandemic for us—now that we've got our bubble school situation going—is not being able to go to the library. We used to go every week, often twice a week. And now we haven't been once in over eight months. Yes, we could do curbside pickup if we wanted to, but it's just not the same. We're browsers; we don't go in knowing what we want to check out. So finding books online is hard. Also we're not good at planning ahead!

So we miss having a constant stream of new-to-us books in the house. And sometimes we miss having specific books. Like when we leaned from friends that there is a fifth Dory Fantasmagory book available. Ever since Harvey was a little reader we've loved Dory, and it was tough to know there was a book about her out there remaining unread! Happily, last week our friends took pity on us and got the book out, again, from their own library to lend to us. So now all three readers among the Archibald boys (I include myself in that number) have finished Tiny Tough, and I'm in the middle of reading it to Elijah. Good times.

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