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Christmas is coming

our christmas tree on christmas eve

presents accounted for

Well, we made it! I had some doubts—including as late as six this evening—but it looks like Christmas 2020 will happen after all. It's been a tough end to a tough year: I'm kind of falling apart trying to take care of the dogs and the boys and keep Leah from doing all the work she usually does. Plus I'm generally exhausted anyways. So the Christmas push was a little low-energy.

But there are presents under the tree and stockings on the couch and the boys are all tucked snug in their beds, asleep despite their quivering excitement before bedtime and ready to wake up as early as ever tomorrow morning. The most exciting thing is going to Grandma's house. Never mind presents, that's what they've been looking forward to for a couple months at least. It'll be a great day tomorrow. And now we rest. Merry Christmas!

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