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light already

It seems like just last week we were celebrating the solstice, but it's clearly long behind us now. I headed out this afternoon at quarter past four to walk the dogs in the woods, and I didn't even think to take a headlamp along with me. No need: it was still totally light when I got back half and hour later, and even well past five. The times are changing!

With the longer days we're starting to talk about seeds. Leah and I were talking yesterday about it, thinking about if we're going to try anything new or just plant the whole garden in kale, tomatoes, and butternut squash. That sounds good. Today my best seed-starting friend and I were vowing each other that this year—this year—we were going to get our seeds in on time, and take care of them right. So many things can go wrong! With gardening—with seeds especially—it can be hard for me not to focus on the negative. At least the January sunshine always feels positive.

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