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wave your hands in time

I didn't move as much as I might have liked to today. The boys and I did get to take a walk with my mom, like we do every Tuesday morning, and I had to go out and find the dogs when they found a hole in the fence (not much finding... they came when I called, once I figured out where they were), but other than that I spent the day perched in front of the computer editing videos. This Sunday we're doing a Kids and Youth service at church, and the elementary kids not being willing to appear live on Zoom (nor I to let them) we invited them to submit videos, and I've spent the last week or so working to assemble them into a coherent whole. You haven't lived until you've spent three hours syncing up twelve different performers in preschool and early elementary doing the hand motions to "Peace Like a River"! When we did our star turn at Christmas time the music director included instructions to clap in time before we started the song, which gave him a cue to get all the tracks in line together; we didn't do that for the kids. You might say that their hand motions wouldn't be particularly in sync if we were doing this live, which is true, but I still have to make it look like they're at least all listening to the same music—so their vagueness and distractibility is, in this case, only making my job harder. I know what song is going to be stuck in my head when I finally get to bed this evening!

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