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what a day!

I've heard from people that they're just easing into in-person meetups with friends—both because of ongoing virus fears, and because being with people is hard sometimes! I haven't really thought about it, but certainly to judge by the fruits this week we're not going that route. This morning we went over to our bubble friends' house and did some work together, then went on a bike ride. From there we headed directly to a hike with some other friends, and walked and played in the woods with them for a couple hours. When we got home there was just time for dinner before we started up the Zoom meeting for our weekly church community group meeting. Ok, that one's not an in-person meeting, but if you count it anyways the boys and I were with other people for nine hours today!

And that's on top of another 2+ hour hike with different friends yesterday, and a dinnertime fire-pit gathering on Tuesday. It's like it's not even a pandemic here!

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