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to the pond

I didn't mean to go to the pond this afternoon. But it was hot, and when the boys asked I just couldn't refuse them. So never mind the writing I had to do or the gardening work, off we went at 2:00 for a solid two hours of swimming and lying in the sun. It was actually our second pond trip of the week: on Sunday we made our first visit of the year. It's a delightful time to be there, since the ropes aren't up yet and it's not too crowded. In a few weeks we'll need to bring the boat or walk way around to find a place where we can actually swim, but for now there's always space right at the bottom of the ramp down from the street. And of course, the water itself is always delightful.

the boys in the chilly waters of Walden Pond

our pond!

Delightful, but also still very cold. As hot as it was this afternoon I didn't want to stay in for longer than a couple minutes at a stretch, and Sunday in the late afternoon it was positively cool out and after one quick dip I was done. Lijah wanted to stay in, but when he started turning blue and shivering uncontrollably we all thought it would be best for him to spend a little time lying in the sun. Harvey and Zion, though, are made of sterner stuff and spent the whole time both days in up to their necks—with no apparent ill effects.

Elijah cuddling in his towel on the beach

I get to spend some time with him

We have our annual pass now, at long last, so you can expect more pond stories—or at least photos—all summer long!

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