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wisteria week

Most of the year the wisteria on the side of our house is out-of-mind at best, and a downright nuisance at worst: like when it wormed its way through the boys' bedroom window last summer and broke their fan. But for a week or so every May we remember why we have it, because when it blooms it's just about the best thing ever. The look is amazing enough: it's grown considerably since the last time I wrote about it and the trellis is now a solid mass of blooms, with many more trailing off to the sides. But even better is the smell, a sweet perfume that's strong enough to fill our whole house (as long as the dogs haven't recently been playing in the swamp). It doesn't last long, but it's totally worth all the annoyance the rest of the year. We're sure enjoying it now!


too bad there's no smell protocol on the world wide web

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