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Leah is on the Cape now to keep clear of us while she attends and works on a virtual conference thingy. And she brought the dogs with her. We miss her, of course, but she's been gone before; this is the first time since we got them over a year ago that the dogs haven't been here while we are! Leah left yesterday afternoon, and last night going to bed I really felt their absence. The house was so quiet! Zion had already been missing them, since he's accustomed to spending lots of time snuggling with them when he can't think of anything else to do. Of course, no everybody regrets having them gone: the chickens were able to spend the whole afternoon and evening out in the yard, and today they'll have a full day of unmolested foraging, something they never get when they have to split time with a couple of rambunctious pups. And of course, I'm sure the dogs themselves are having a grand old time down at the beach! We're going to be joining them on Monday; excitement is running high for the journey.

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