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camping 2021 part 1

We missed going camping in Bar Harbor last year. And since this year our friends weren't feeling up to taking part in our usual annual trip, we figured we'd go on our own at some point. Last Monday that point arrived, rather suddenly, at breakfast. I realized that the summer was running on and we'd barely done anything vactiony—so I decided we were leaving right then. Or at least, as soon as we could get ready. It would be just us boys: Leah needed to stay home and work and the dogs would stay with her. That meant the packing was all up to us too (she did volunteer to help but I told her that wouldn't be fair). I'm proud to say that we managed it beautifully, including a trip to the grocery store for camping necessities like ice and chips, all in time to be on the road before noon.

We were all excited to be on the road! The weather was fine, there was no traffic, and the EZ-Pass transponder we took out of the old car after not using it for two years was getting us though the tolls. We thrilled at each of the big bridges we crossed—over the Merrimack and the Piscataqua, the Kennebec at Bath and the Sheepscot at Wiscasset. As old as the boys are we could have driven the whole way without a stop, but what fun is that?! For old times' sake I called our first pause at the little playground in Warren, ME, that we haven't visited since 2014. The older two still had some memories of it—mainly the river which runs through it (and which improved mapping technology in 2021 lets me correct that old post with the actual name of the river, the Saint George River). And then we made some new memories when Lijah took off his shorts so as not to get them wet but, in kicking them off his foot, sent them right into the water! We also had a great time playing on the awesome old-fashioned playground equipment.

the boys wading in a river

every playground should have one!

As we approached Camden we were greeted by a proper Maine fog. While it was just the thing for atmospheric effect at the beach in Lincolnville, it did keep us from thinking too hard about swimming. But of course there are lots more ways to enjoy a beach! Plus it was fun to see the ferry to Isleboro disappearing into the fog—and then reappearing, despite still going away from us, when the fog pulled back.

the boys watching the ferry in the fog at Lincolnville Beach

this is when it really feels like Maine

We also stopped for a second in Trenton to get some campfire wood—cheaper there than on the island—but since I didn't even turn off the engine I don't think it counted. Arriving at the campground a little before 6, we found a site and quickly unpacked, in a hurry to put the firewood to its appointed purpose. The boys were a huge help! I rewarded them with a supper of hot dogs (and veggie burgers) and Annies mac-and-cheese. There were smores for dessert of course.

the boys toasting marshmallows over the campfire


Then it was off to bed on our beautifully soft camp mattresses... there was lots to do the next day!

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