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the garden early October

The garden is pretty much done at this point. We've got lots of red showing on the tomato plants, but there's so much blight that it's hard to find an unblemished tomato. While the kale looks good from a distance, up close you can see that it's all lacy and worm-ridden. Beans are drying on the vines, but there aren't enough new ones growing to make a meal of fresh green beans. I've started clearing beds to get them ready for winter and next year: the cucumbers have come out, and the tomatoes will follow soon. Our compost is pretty weedy so I'm glad to get it on some beds while there's still time for the weed seeds to germinate and we can cultivate once before we put the mulch down.

the garden on October 5

the firepit is in the picture because it looks ok all year round

But in the meantime it's not quite all fall barrenness! Winter squashes are ripening and drying on the vines, and there's as much arugula as anyone could want. The peppers are still hanging on for one more big harvest. There are apples and some raspberries. And, of course, the rhubarb!

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