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Grandma's house day

Elijah tells me often lately how Thursday is his favorite day of the week. That's because on Thursday he and his brothers get to spend the day at their grandparents' house. Lately it's just been Grandpa he's been hanging out with, since my mom has been in Virginia for for almost a month visiting her other grandchildren (including one brand new one!), but she came back yesterday so today was extra special for the boys. At my parents' house they get to watch a movie, eat all kinds of snacks we don't have here, and play with my cool old toys. Harvey enjoys the opportunity to earn money doing chores for Grandma; she pays well. Elijah is learning to read with Grandpa's help.

And if one set of grandparents wasn't enough, most Thursdays they get to spend time with two! Leah's mom leads them in a private yoga class most Thursday afternoons, and then they get to hang out and play with her dad. (That's what I get for marrying someone who grew up down the street from me: conveniently located grandparents.) This evening was even better than the usual Thursday because the boys even got to stay at their Bernstein grandparents' house for supper, and they had tacos! Life is good. On Thursdays, at least.

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