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If you've ever clicked on a link for an individual post on this blog you'll see that they each have a number. That number is sequential for every entry we've ever written, counting up from the first one. As we moved through the high 3,000s I planned to do something to mark our 4,000th post, but then of course I forgot. So the celebration is a little late, but that's no reason not to say yay for post 4,000! We've sure had a lot to say since January 26, 2004

The link there is for our first post, but don't feel like you have to go read it; the past is another country and all that. What I had to say back then is not as interesting as my current scintillating observations on such topics as the weather and our garden. You know, the kind of posts that have kept you coming back for more over the past 17 or so years!

Now, to be completely accurate post number 4,000 wasn't actually the 4,000th post we published on this site. Deleted posts keep their numbers, so when we hit the button by accident from time to time there are numbers missing in the record of posts. And I seem to recall that there was another technical issue at one point that resulted in ten or twenty numbers being skipped. So we're probably still in the 3,000s in terms of number of actual extant entries. I used to have a thingy that would show me a report for how many posts there are in total and break it down per month and things, but that doesn't work any more—just like the "more posts" link at the bottom of the index page. I made this thing so long ago that when pieces of it break I don't remember how to fix them. Also I don't have that much free time these days. Writing all these words takes a lot of time!

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