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starting to look a little like...

Christmas prep has been a little lacking around here this year. We can barely cope with regular life! But we've been listening to Christmas music, and I guess today it finally kicked in because not only did we finally get the tree up, we also made gingerbread houses. The tree was easy: the boys are practiced professionals at putting on the ornaments, and they're also strong enough to help me move the furniture and manhandle the tree into the stand. Leah didn't have to life a finger! We installed it this morning, then decorated it after supper... leaving plenty of time to bask in its glow before bedtime.

Lijah and Harvey putting ornaments on the tree

one of them can even reach the top!

The gingerbread houses were a little more challenging. I had a work meeting this morning, so I made the dough and started cutting and baking pieces; but then I took off until lunchtime, leaving Leah and the boys to finish up the baking part. Leah lifted many fingers cleaning up and getting ready for our friends to join us for the construction. Then there was also the trouble of eating too much candy during the decorating phase: Harvey, Zion, and I felt distinctly woozy with sugar overload. Self-control is hard, man!

But now we don't need self-control, because for the next month the houses are decoration rather than food, and nobody would even think of nibbling (except the dogs; we have to pick display locations with them in mind). They came out pretty good! Yes, it's starting to look distinctly seasonal around here. Now all we need to do is start thinking about some presents!

Elijah's gingerbread house

it has a certain unique style, does it not?

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