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just-in-time logistics

We've been buying eggs here for a month or two: the hens don't lay in the darkest days of winter. Or hardly at all; and the few eggs we do get generally freeze before we get them. Well, it's February now so it's time to start relying on our home-grown hens again. At least, I relied on them this morning, because I forgot to go out to Chip-In yesterday like I said I was going to and we needed two eggs for the pancakes (pancakes being an absolutely essential part of Friday morning). We did have one left, so I sent Elijah out in the rain to check the nesting boxes and told him that if there wasn't at least one egg there we weren't going to be able to have breakfast. And there was! Pretty good, since I don't think we've gotten one for four or five days. I guess that means we were due!

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