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I ate too much pie

Sometimes it's nice to have these random non-holidays to notice. Yesterday it was Pi Day. We wanted to make a pumpkin pie, but found that we didn't have any pumpkin left so we had to settle for pecan. Well, Harvey had to settle; I like pecan better myself, and so, we find, does Elijah. In fact, it's the only kind of pie that I know how to make that he likes; usually he just eats the crust. He asked for a chocolate cream pie, but after I looked up the recipe I told him that I would need a little more time and mental space to attempt to make one. I never have before. I also made pizza—pizza pie, right?—but when I told the kids we were having pizza pie they imagined a wonderful pizza/pie combined concoction, so a couple of regular old pizzas was a little disappointing. But not too disappointing, because pizza. There were only two downsides to the day: we ate it all so quickly that we forgot to calculate any circumferences, and I ate too much of everything. It was so good! But I really didn't need that last slice of pie right before bed...

pecan pie and pizza on the table

pies all round

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