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the garden in early April

the garden at the beginning of the season, with most beds empty

starting the season

It's always hard to remember how far along we were in garden prep in any other year, but I feel like we're doing pretty well this year compared to our past attempts... even if the garden itself doesn't really show it. In the photo above you can see the garlic is coming up well, and way in the background the rhubarb. Spring onions are also doing well, but the chives, usually an early spring stronghold, seem not to have survived. Inside there's lots going on: tomatoes and peppers are ready to be transplanted into individual pots, and the first kales are ready to go into the ground when I get a bed ready. And the seed starting is continuing with herbs and flowers. And (outside again, thankfully) there's lots of good compost to prep the beds as soon as things dry out a bit. Looking good so far!

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