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adventures far and near

Between covid exposure and forecast rain, the prospective turnout for Park Day on Wednesday was looking pretty low. So we were happy enough when the few folks ready to get together suggested we go for a hike instead. Only they live far away, so we had to go hiking all the way out in Groton. Which isn't something we would ever have done otherwise! And Zion might have still preferred we hadn't, he felt that sick in the car. But then we would have missed out on an entirely new woods filled with water!

Elijah taking a big step onto a rock in a pond

there's a rock there somewhere

The main draw of this particular piece of woods was "Forest Bells", an art installation of six giant chimes up on top of a little hill. They were super fun to play with, and we enjoyed trying to create compositions for them (and trying to swing on them, which I discouraged). But the natural features around them—rocks and slopes and streams—were just as interesting. There was some good climbing and lots of water.

the boys by a woodsy stream

I promise you, they were having fun

It wasn't what you'd call warm out, but in spring any chance for a wade is always interesting.

Zion wading along a flooded dirt road

water everywhere

Then today we took a quick trip around the corner to Page Woods, less than two miles away. We've been there literally hundreds of times before, but it was still delightful to walk and run on those familiar paths—and especially because of the brook.

Elijah stepping over a little stream

little and close to home

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