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parties upon parties

Zion's best friend is just ten days younger than him, so after they enjoyed some time together at Zion's party on Saturday they got to do it again on Sunday to celebrate the other birthday. It was a totally different feel from our backyard extravaganza, though, because his friend wanted to spend an afternoon at Kimball Farm in Westford. Originally an ice cream store, Kimball Farm has transformed over the years into a veritable theme park, with animals, mini-golf and a driving range, batting cages, bumper boats, zipline... Delightful, but unlike whiffleball at home not cheap. So Zion was one of only two guests, and he and the other boys had an amazing time with a pass that let them do three activities each (they picked nine holes of mini golf, bumper boats, and the zipline. Plus ice cream of course!

Of course, that left some disappointed siblings. Elijah, for example. Luckily he's good friends with Zion's friend's sister (that's what happens with homeschoolers) so, not satisfied with planning their own trip to Kimball Farm sometime this summer, they also requested a special outing of their own for that afternoon. I was glad to oblige, and after lunch together at our house the three of us spent a happy couple hours touring in Lexington Center: we stopped by the Visitors Center, climbed the Belfry hill and explored the rocks (the kids requested I not take a picture of them inside the Belfry's protective wrought iron fence, to make sure they couldn't get in trouble), and played on a playground. Then we came home in time for them to watch a movie and eat popcorn. It's no birthday extravaganza, but still a pretty good Sunday afternoon!

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