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pollen nation

The last few days everybody's been talking about the pollen. I don't know that it's been worse than any other year, but for sure there's a lot of it; and a few days ago there were "massive pollen clouds sweep[ing] through Massachusetts", which is something you kind of notice. Some people are keeping all their windows closed, but we can't do that. Sure, yesterday I could write my name in the pollen on the kitchen table, but the fresh air is worth the price. None of us are allergic, necessarily, but with as much pollen as there is we've been sneezing and coughing just from all the particles assailing noses and throats. The news keeps saying that the season of visible pollen is about over, but last night with the fan on there was enough that it was keeping me awake in the middle of the night, I know you have to reproduce, plants, but could you please do it without involving the rest of us quite as much?

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