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the garden in mid June

the garden on June 15

who left that shovel on the ground?!

I can't believe I forgot to do a garden update at the beginning of June! The garden changed more between May 15 and June 1 than all of March through mid-May put together! Oh well, now the comparison with the last update is even more stark. All the beds are filled now, and tomato and pepper plants are growing well (the beans would be too if the baby rabbits would stop nibbling them). We've let the asparagus go, after eating as much as we ever wanted. The strawberries are disappointing—and frustrating!—but it looks like raspberries and blueberries are going to be great. And it's so exciting to look at the baby peas, zucchinis, and tomatoes!

Super Sugar Snap peas stretching five feet high on their trellis

much bigger than last time, and almost ready!

closeup of a small zucchini

baby one

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