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jumping off boats

Over the last month or so we've been doing a lot of swimming and a lot of boating. So it's only natural that the boys combine the two activities in the most delightful way possible.

Elijah jumping out of the canoe

living his best life

Over the course of the month they've really been working on their boat jumping game. These pictures are all of Elijah, because I managed the best ones of him, but the others are getting into it too. Back at the beginning of the month they were doing it with their cousin.

Elijah jumping out of the canoe, with Harvey holding it

the other kids jumped too, I just got the best pictures of Elijah

Lately we've taken to using the sailboard, an easier platform for launching. Elijah is working on flips.

Elijah upside-down, jumping off the sailboard

good thing he's learning how to swim!

Who needs a diving board?!

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