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I get a ride

While it's super fun riding with the kids, I also like to get out on my own every once and a while. Like yesterday. After church I felt so tired I could barely keep my eyes open, so obviously the thing to do was head out on my bike for an off-road excursion around Walden Pond and Flints Pond. Well, it couldn't be off-road the whole way: as much as I pore over OpenStreetMap looking for ways to connect trail segments, it does take some time on streets and bike paths to actually get anywhere. But maybe not as much as you'd think! Of course, I put the ride on Strava so I would be able to know where I went—you can look at my course here. I will say, I wish Strava would recognize a difference between trail riding and road riding: it's not fair that my 24 miles on swampy, rooty singletrack is compared straight up to someone riding on smooth roads! It's no wonder my average speed was just 8 mph! On the map of my route the straight lines of bike path and road look like half the route, but I can tell you they were less than ten percent of the effort. Oh well, I guess I do it for fun, so...

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