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catching up

We've had a summer! And I've had trouble documenting it in a timely fashion. Since mid-July it's been mostly really hot and mostly not rained. We went on two vacation trips, and in between we did Backyard Farm Club every Monday and Park Day every Wednesday. Our oven stopped working and needed to be replaced, as did our dryer, and for one exciting afternoon we had no water to the house (in trying to shut off the water next door they shut off ours too, and didn't realize til we called the police to help us). Lately we've been organizing, and then starting, some big home improvement projects. Right now we're in the midst of rebuilding our front porch, which is taking some considerable time and energy. As of today we're at 729 hours outside for the year, an average of 3.09 hours per day. Things have been pretty busy and crazy; I'm really looking forward to having a school schedule again in September.

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