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a little hard ride

I still haven't managed to write about the 4H fair, to say nothing of our camping trip back in the end of July. There's just so much to say! And in the meantime we keep on doing more things. Today the boys hung out at my parents' house while I had a meeting at work, and then we went to Backyard Farm Club. But my favorite part of the day was a ride we squeezed in between those two engagements, at Whipple Hill in Lexington.

Harvey and Zion with their bikes atop Whipple Hill

made it to the top!

Whipple Hill is a challenging place to ride. It's a hill, obviously—the biggest one in Lexington—and besides that the trails are extremely rocky, and rooty where the rocks aren't. The challenge is super fun if you're into it, but young people would be excused for maybe not being entirely thrilled by the type two fun. Especially Elijah who, with his 20-inch wheels, had to walk a fair amount of the way (even downhill! the rocks are just that big). To be fair, the rest of us weren't going that much faster in the saddle, but it probably wasn't what he signed up for when he agreed to go for a ride. But he did great—they all did! I was so proud of the effort they put in, and told them as much more than once.

We haven't been doing much riding this summer, which I regret. Too many other things to do, I guess? My thought was we could get back into it now that it's getting cooler. Unfortunately today was not cooler, and in fact was about as humid a day as you could imagine, so we sweated some. But the theory is good, and the boys are strong, so I expect we'll keep it up in the days to come!

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