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the garden in early November

the garden on November 2, mostly bare beds

fewer plants, more dirt

We had a freeze—a few freezes—so the garden looks very different from last month! Tomatoes, peppers, beans, zinnias... all gone. Before the freeze the boys pulled the last carrots, and I brought in a couple more butternut squashes. But not everything is done: kale and other random greens are still going great, and the late second crop of peas is just starting to flower... we may even get to eat a handful, something I had no expectation of when I planted them. And the raspberries are giving us their fall crop: just a couple dozen berries, but extra delicious!

kale edged with ice in the garden

the kale at least doesn't mind the ice!

Now it's also time to start working for next year. We planted the garlic this morning, and soon the empty beds will be tucked in for the winter with a nice blanket of leaf mulch or straw. A couple weeks ago we made a new bed for strawberries. And of course all the dead plants, weeds, and old mulch is going into the compost pile, which is getting pretty big!

Will there be anything happening in the garden in December?

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