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Christmas report

We had a delightful Christmas yesterday: according to Harvey, the best Christmas ever. That's down to his delight at getting the awesome Lego Galaxy explorer set, but also in giving a watercolor painting of our house to Leah and, with some help from Grandma, a Nintendo Switch for Zion. But even beyond the presents it was a good day, fun and relaxing in just the right measures.

Elijah opening a big present, Harvey looking on

what is it?!

We got started early: the kids were up before five, and I think I joined them downstairs not long after 5:30. But Leah had some things to do so it wasn't until 7:00 that we got to open the stocking presents. Then we ate the Christmas grapefruits and some cereal to tide us over until brunch and walked the dogs, and only then were we ready to open all of the beautiful presents under our tree.

When that was done and cleaned up we headed to my parents' house for a brunch spread with all the usual delicacies. Then we opened the presents, which lasted just the right amount of time. Grandma and Grandpa probably got the most presents, actually, which is totally appropriate given the lovely hospitality they were showing us. There was never a moment when we needed to stop eating! Of course, that's not really Leah's thing, so she left after we a little bit of post-lunch caroling.

We did get outside for an hour or so, to take in a little fresh air and exercise to balance out all the eating and sitting, then it was back to sitting around the fire and talking and building Legos. And supper, of course! Then home to bed. All in all, a pretty good day!

boys and grandparents walking in a field

kids running on sugar energy

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